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Carolyn so many people can relate to your experience – in fact, I’ve been there myself.  What you understand is that payment for the work we do comes in two forms: psychic rewards and physical rewards.  Psychic rewards are the “feel good” experiences which feed the mental / spiritual side of us.  It’s the reward that comes from contributing our efforts and knowing we’ve made a difference.  Physical rewards on the other hand are the tangibles we receive – money, perq’s, benefits, etc.  Both are essential.   

Here are some options for you to consider:

  1. Find a way to boost your psychic income.  Volunteer.  Sponsor a cause. Start a positive movement. Do this in your spare time. What spare time? Cut out or cut down time spent watching TV, surfing the net, reading trash – you get the picture.  Eliminating just one hour per day, “finds” you the equivalent of nine 40 hr work weeks (Amazing isn’t it!). Hey, there’s a positive movement idea for you : )
  2. Reframe the way you think about your work, your job, your employer, your industry.  Find the good in it.  Stop telling yourself that you hate what you do.  Start telling yourself that what you do creates value for other people. Remember, what you focus on expands. 
  3. Do your job from your life purpose.  Huh? For example, if you know your purpose is to serve, then think about how what you do serves others.  Dig deep.  You’ll find it if you’re looking for it. Without question, someone is benefiting from what you do. Tap into that partnership feeling and feed it.
  4. Ask yourself if you are bored? Boredom is often the sign that you are ready to be promoted…or ready for a new challenge.  Ask to lead a new project. Do your research first, and present a well thought out idea. Where is there a service gap in your company or industry? How can you fill it?
  5. Think about what you would do if you could do, then take the first step towards that.  For example, if owning your own business is your dream, then draw it up.  What would it look like?  Who would you serve? What would you offer? How would you make money? Concretize it before you leap.
  6. Think about going back to school.  Start by investigating your options.  Where do you want to grow your knowledge? How could you make it work? Is part time continuing education an option?
  7. Think about reducing your work week or changing your work hours to give you more time/flexibility to pursue other options.  Many companies offer flex week programs.  Talk to your HR dept.
  8. Start a blog. Write about what you’re passionate about.  Contribute to the discussion. Create a following, and provide value. 
  9. Pursue your hobbies.. passionately. What interest could you expand into a passion?  Find classes and interest groups to support your growth.
  10. Be grateful for the success you have.  This is a biggie.  I’m not talking about cursory gratitude here, but the type of gratitude that feeds your soul.  Think about how brilliant it is that you are where you are…that you have achieved what you have achieved…and that somebody thinks you are valuable enough to pay you well.  That is a blessing!  Start and end everyday expressing gratitude for what you have. And then pat yourself on the back for creating these positive results for yourself!

Carolyn, I hope I’ve given you much to think about.  Thank you so much for asking!  To your continued success…Deb

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Fran, you are in good company. So many it seems are on the quest for purpose.  First of all, let’s start with this idea of “searching.”  Searching implies that the answer is “out there” outside of you.  That if you just open enough doors you’ll find it.  

The truth is, purpose isn’t something you “find”, but rather an awakening of the truth within you. 

Your job is to pay attention to when the truth resonates.  Because it is in those moments, when you are truly inspired, that you are hovering in the vicinity of purpose.  Think about those occasions when you are uplifted and highly motivated – when you didn’t have to be prodded, when you enthusiastically embraced the activity.  So much so that you lost track of time, and in fact had to pull yourself away.  What were you doing in those moments?  Explore that.

Look to your natural strengths when considering the most meaningful way for you to contribute.  You may love music, but if you are tone deaf and have no natural musical ability, then you’ll find it hard to make the world a better place with your musical career!  Don’t get me wrong, purpose does require you to develop your natural abilities, but it never requests you to start with nothing. 

While you will grow in your purpose it still must feel natural to you.  So natural in fact that it’s probably been running in the background your whole life.  Look for patterns and themes in your life.  Most people assume that what  they are good at, everyone is good at it –  so it can’t be special.  Trust me, that’s not the case.   It should feel like a natural pull of your innate talent – because it is already within you.  

What theme has always been a part of you?  Look in your bookcase, what themes do you see in the books you read?  In the conversations you have.  In the causes that tug on your heart.  In the activities that you love?  What are you drawn to?  All are clues for you.

Purpose always draws upon your natural talents… AND … your passion.  The truth is, there is so much talent bundled up inside of each person that we could easily go in 10 different career directions and create a “successful” existence….that we hate.  So talent alone is not an indicator of purpose.  It’s only when the heart is engaged alongside the talent that purpose resonates.  It must make your heart sing! 

As well, purpose is always broad in scope, meaning it is not tied to a job title, or an occupation, or an industry, or a life role.  Nobody should have a life purpose of being a vice president of marketing for example.  That’s a goal, not a purpose.  Purpose may be engaged in the pursuit of that goal but it’s certainly not defined by it.  Otherwise, should a person lose their job – do they then lose their purpose? Of course not.  In fact, it’s often in these moments that they start looking for it!  

Purpose is far reaching and can’t be contained by labels.  It’s not confined to a career, or a role in life.  It follows you wherever you take it.  Purpose reaches down into your life and shows up in everything that you do.  That’s because your life purpose is YOU – whenever you are using your talents and passion to contribute and serve meaningfully.  How you choose to express your purpose is completely up to you.  It will never lock you in to one particular path.   You just need to choose a path and follow it wherever it takes you, using your intuition to guide you as you travel.  

I hope this helps you Fran.  Thank you for asking about what so many are wondering about.

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