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Lydia what we know is that this is not a world of luck, rather we live in a world of order.  And as such, our universe is governed by very precise laws.  These same laws govern all of nature.  What’s true of nature is also true of us. 

The laws of the universe govern every aspect of our life.  Our relationships, the health of our body, even the amount of money we earn, are all an expression of the way we work within these laws. 

There is but one great law: Energy Is.  All physical and scientific laws are based upon this and its 7 subsidiary laws that operate in conjunction with each other.   I’m not suggesting that all of the laws are covered, I’m merely suggesting the study of these set of rules will help you enjoy a more abundant life:

  1. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation – all energy moves into form, through form, and back into form.  Change is ongoing.  Nothing rests.
  2. Law of Relativity – everything is relative.  Our perception of size, quantity, quality, etc  is always in relation to a compared object or state.  The truth is, “nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
  3. Law of Vibration (Attraction) – everything vibrates, nothing rests.  The thoughts you choose dictate the vibration you are in .  You attract into your life what you are in harmonious vibration with.
  4. Law of Polarity – everything has its opposite.  There is no up without a down, no inside without an outside, no problem without a solution.
  5. Law of Rhythm – there is a perfect rhythm to the universe. Everything flows to and fro.  The tide flows in and it flows out.  The night always follows the day.  Rhythm gives us the seasons.  There is also a perfect rhythm to the up and down flow of your thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  6. Law of Cause and Effect – simply stated,  “as you sow, so shall you reap”
  7. Law of Gestation (Gender) – everything has a gestation period, from conception to physical form, whether they be physical seeds or ideas.  This gestation period cannot be forced.

The laws of the world that govern our life are as exact as the laws that govern the material universe.  We may ignore them, or disregard them, but we cannot in any way alter them.  There is not the slightest allowance made for ignorance.  In other words, they are true for everyone, everywhere, regardless of whether or not they are understood.

Thanks for your question Lydia.


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